Privacy Policy

Talent Pod Consulting Sdn Bhd (“TPC”, "Talent Pod", “us”, “we”, “our”) recognises the importance of your privacy and understands your concerns about the confidentiality and security of your personal information. This privacy policy describes generally how we process your personal information and safeguard your privacy. ‘Personal information’ is information or an opinion relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual.

In the course of its business Talent Pod may collect information from course participants (also known as students or learners) as well as potential students, either electronically or in hard copy format, including information that personally identifies individual users. We may also record various communications that learners or potential students have with us.


Talent Pod is bound by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 which establishes minimum standards for businesses in relation to the collection, handling, use, disclosure, management, access, correction and disposal of ‘personal information’ about individuals. 

Talent Pod will only collect personal information by fair and lawful means which is necessary for the functions of the training centre, and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of the information provided to us. The personal information supplied by individuals to Talent Pod will only be used to provide information about study opportunities, program administration, academic information, and to maintain proper academic records. If an individual chooses not to give Talent Pod certain information, then we may be unable to enrol the individual in a course or supply them with appropriate information.

1.          Nature of personal data collected


We collect, process and use your personal data including but not limited to your name, NRIC No., address and phone number. Any personal information collected shall be used for the purpose of providing services to you, improving our services and content, contacting you and responding to your inquiry. We will not sell or rent your personal data outside Talent Pod except where we are required to share your information with any third parties who provide services on our behalf. It is possible that we might be forced to disclose your personal information in response to legal process or procedure or when we are required by any applicable laws or a law enforcement agency.

2.          How personal data is collected

Talent Pod and its authorized agents will request that you provide data and information about yourself when you:

(i)          engage us for any of our services;

(ii)         communicating or facilitating communication with you on the services rendered;

(iii)        verifying your identity;

(iv)        troubleshooting i.e. analysing and solving any problem arising from your use of the services; 

(v)         processing payments to/from you via our website; and

(vi)        fulfilling any other purposes in relation to the access and/use of the services;

By providing us your Personal Data for any of the functions above, you consent to the processing of your Personal Data by us or on our behalf. The term “processing” means (but is not limited in meaning to) collecting, recording, holding, storing and using, as prescribed in the Act.

3.          Disclosure of personal data

We may disclose your personal data to the following parties:


(i)          any persons or parties consented by you;

(ii)         any persons, government agencies, statutory authorities and/or industry regulators whom we are compelled or required to do so pursuant to any law;

(iii)        our auditors, consultants, lawyers, company secretaries or other professional advisers appointed by us in connection with our business;

(iv)        our third party service providers or other parties as may be deemed necessary by us to facilitate the provision of services; and

(v)         third parties’ data processors engaged by us to process personal data on our behalf.

4.          Right to access and correct records


Individuals have the right to access or obtain a copy of the personal information that Talent Pod holds about them. Requests to access or obtain a copy of personal information must be made in writing and individuals will be required to provide certain documents to prove their identity. There is no charge for an individual to access personal information that iTrain holds about them; however we may charge a fee to make a copy. 

If an individual considers their personal information to be incorrect, incomplete, out of date or misleading, they can request that the information be amended. Where a record is found to be inaccurate, a correction will be made. Where an individual requests that a record be amended because it is inaccurate but the record is found to be accurate, the details of the request for amendment will be noted on the record.

Written requests for access to or to obtain a copy of personal information held by Talent Pod should be emailed to

5.          Failure or refusal to provide personal data


Your personal data provided to us are wholly voluntary in nature and you are not under any obligation or duress to do so. We shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from or in connection with your failure or refusal to provide your personal data to us.

6.          Protection of personal data

Your personal data will be kept and processed in a secured manner. We endeavour, as far as practicable, to secure your personal data from any unauthorized and/or unlawful processing of, and the accidental access or loss, destruction or damage to your personal data.

However, despite such reasonable efforts, we cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted through the Internet is impenetrable. You are solely responsible for keeping all passwords confidential and configuring the appropriate access control settings.

7.          Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend or modify this Privacy Policy as and when necessary or appropriate to comply with the changes in the relevant laws and regulations. Material changes to this Privacy Policy will be notified on the Site prior to the changes becoming effective. Your continued access to and/or use of this Site will signify your acceptance of those changes. It is your responsibility to review the Privacy Policy from time to time for the latest updates on our privacy practices

8.          Questions and contact information


If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at